Why Is Social Media Important for Your SEO?

Social Media Important

Social media and SEO strategies today go hand in hand. This is because social media has changed the very landscape of the internet in terms of marketing. Therefore, in order to influence search rankings, online marketers need to master both these subjects and create a perfect blend of strategy that includes both social media and SEO improvements. This article will outline how important social media and content marketing are to secure a good ranking position on Google.

What is the importance of keyword searches?

Today, social media is capable of making posts, videos, and blogs that can go viral. However, in the early days of the internet, people usually focused on writing informative content around high-ranking keywords. The idea of importance here is that you should be able to predict the same phrases that people would search for. Afterward, you will have to write an article around it.

This concept of keywords is very important to incorporate to appear in Google searches. And if you successfully combine it with the right social media channel, the strategy can take your website to another level. If you plan out your content marketing strategy well by choosing the best phrases, using trending hashtags, and writing excellent content, your posts will definitely keep the viewers engaged and will bring you a step closer to your goal.

Why does social media matter for your SEO strategy?

In the past decade, the most important Google ranking factors that came to light were in the form of content and links. So, this means that not only does a website require good quality, unique, and keyword-relevant content for engaging, but it also requires good content to earn links for ranking competitively on Google.

Enlisted below are the two best benefits of having a strong social media presence for businesses.

1. Excellent backlinks

Several studies showcase that higher the backlinks a page has, the better are its chances to rank higher on Google.

Therefore, using backlinks is one of the best ways to indicate Google to rank your website on the first page.

It is true that Google has left no stone unturned to build algorithms that can clear out the bad links. However, if you have a good number of links, you can still fetch a higher score. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that they should come from diverse and authoritative domains.

2. Search engine results page

Also known as SERP, having a search engine results page is crucial to rank better than your competitors. Simply put, if you have a social media profile, then your online pages will appear in SERP.

However, the major trick involved here is understanding how SERP works. As mentioned earlier, Google works entirely on the basis of relevance and shows results based on the words searched by the user. So when businesses use social media for online marketing, they will get noticed by SERPs, which will lead to an increase in their web traffic.

Social media definitely needs to get integrated into your marketing strategy. And the thing in focus should be creating quality content for achieving a better ranking strategy.

Final words

It is safe to say that Google heavily insists on quality backlinks and relevant content to rank a website. Quantity isn’t a criterion. Due to this, social media and SEO have interlinked with each other in such a way that their organic driven strategy is dependent on fresh and relevant content that users find engaging.